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South Street Lofts offers premier commercial rentals in a convenient location in Mount Vernon, NY. We offer state of the art commercial property rental Mount Vernon, NY spaces that offer the ideal environment for your business. Our newly renovated office spaces is located at 31 South Street, with convenient access to many nearby amenities. Trust us to provide the flexibility and convenience you need in centrally located commercial real estate for rent. Use our commercial property search to browse our available spaces so you can choose the best office location for your local business. At South Street Lofts, we are dedicated to providing our clients with cutting edge commercial spaces that effectively meet their needs.

Mount Vernon Commercial Property

When you’re searching for the most ideal Mount Vernon commercial property, you can turn to the experienced real estate professionals of South Street Lofts. You will find the perfect office space for rent in our newly renovated commercial office space that features a modern, cosmopolitan vibe. We are located only 14 miles NE of NY, NY making it an easy commute to the city whenever you need to.

An Affordable Alternative to NYC Office Space

At South Street Lofts, we are able to provide the proximity to NYC without the price tag of most local offices situated in Manhattan. Instead, you can enjoy spacious and well lit office spaces that are affordably priced to fit your budget.

Give us a call to find out how you can rent office space or retail space from South Street Lofts by calling us at (914) 636-6100 today.

Office Tower

Building I
Space Suite RSF Available
Lower Level LL 3,135 Immediate
Partial 1st 1E 8,614 Immediate
Partial 2nd 2N-2 1,197 Immediate
Partial 2nd 2N-4 2,728 Immediate
Partial 2nd 2S 6,931 Immediate
Partial 3rd 3N-3 1,361 Immediate
Partial 3rd 3N5-6 1,844 Immediate
Partial 3rd 3S-1 1,814 Immediate
Partial 3rd 3S-3 791 Immediate
Partial 3rd 3S-4 737 Immediate
Partial 4th 4S3 3,342 Immediate

Total 32,538 RSF

Commercial Park

Building II
Space Suite RSF Available
Partial 1st 1 9,732 Immediate
Partial 1st 1A 8, 402 Immediate
Partial 2nd 2N 5,025 Immediate
Partial 2nd 2S3 1,094* Immediate
Partial 2nd 2S2 1,094* Immediate

Total 33,749 RSF

  *Can Be Combined for 2,188 RSF

Commercial Park
Space Suite RSF Available
2nd Floor 55E-H 25,000 30 Days

Total 25,000 RSF

31 South Street, Mount Vernon, NY 10550-1725 | 914-636-6100

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